Treva Dea

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Fastest way to become an expert

…..of something is to invent your own brand. So TaDa! Butoh-yoga.

I am the self proclaimed master of BuTo-yoga.  It defines itself as a meditation in movement. BTY is mat based movements that appear to be the cousin of Japanese Bhutto dance, always in an enclosed space– most often a hotel room–done with intention and tiny movements. Naturally, BTY is done to a musical cohesion, usually of solfreggio frequencies and nature sounds.

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Traveling again

It’s summer, so I am off on my summer adventures. I have gone off on summer adventures as soon as I left my family home. I remember the shock of freedom as I drove across the country, fearless in my art car with my dog and French press. The adventures defined by the difficulties, usually financial, usually involving the art car. 

Then later, on my own still but with a husband doing his thing at home. Both learning to be independent and still connected. Worrying my Suegra  that it was an indication of marital issues, this summer apart business.

 And then with an infant! Traveling solo with a baby, usually staying within the safety of the Ozark mountains but challenging myself with diaper and outfit changes in jerky airplane bathrooms. Those days were hard, wiggly and exhausting. 

To now, with two teenage girls, traveling back and forth over the Bajio, encouraging them to complete their chemistry, while having only the vaguest notion of redox reactions myself, trying to keep them safe. Trying to teach them to love traveling. Hoping that the misadventures and the tribulations will become addictive.