treva dea
I was born in Alaska and grew up Texas. I’ve always been attracted to artistic expression, of most sorts. I studied sculpture and painting in Austin and Houston, and I played with the groups Kangaroo Kourt and Mauve Sideshow for a few years. That was a fantastic way to allow the voices in my head to have a very literal outlet. I moved to Seattle in the late 80s and focused on the other side of my brain with Comparative History of Ideas, Comparative Religion, History and Women’s Studies at UW.

For the past 10 years we have lived in Sayulita, Mexico. We left the USA in search of a life from a novel, something to be savored. We want to make life and art inseparable on a daily basis. It is harder and easier here.
Life is so much more than merely staying alive.

So I am stumbling around pouring wax, painting and pounding metal wherever I can.


5 thoughts on “me….”

  1. Come on…. I don’t inspire you? Man, my world has turned to a craptastic heap of uninspiring blah-ness now. Great!

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