art stuff….

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Here are some things I’ve done that I like. There are mosaic works, jewelry, art cars, light sculptures….


4 thoughts on “art stuff….”

  1. Hey there…found you through my friend Amy Graves. I was in Sayulita for a family adventure in 2009…we know the Roberts family…their girls Devon and Kennedy r at the Costa Verde school. Thought I’d say hello. Miss Sayulita muchos. Hope to get back for another extended stay soon. Love your site & art & energy. Take care! Lisa

  2. Hey Treva, Astrid and last but not leash;) Nick,

    i am more than glad to met you last year and looking forward to another chance maybe over in Mexico…. the Brownies crew is doing great and we are busy finishing our surfshop in Medewi called WET DREAM 🙂 cause its truly a wet dream came true!

    So i wish you doing all well and Astrid do your homework and then enjoy life

    Saludos from Dan & all Team incl. Bronco and the Crunchy the cat

    1. Good to hear from you! I’m glad all is well and you are opening a new shop, fantastic! Hope you visit us when you are on this side of the planet!
      Have fun!

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