Funny old band

Sometimes one has to look for a piece of one’s history. I found a blog that was talking about what my band in my twenties was like. I need a little boost that i had a little bit of something, before, an outlet of sound, a poetry that influenced someone. I needed a vanity search as I was feeling a little insecure about any talents I might think I have. this made me happier that someone was reminiscing, and my work had been remembered….

“i have to say that the ventricle-supplied description of mauve sideshow was a little misleading; “gothadelic space collage with a wide range of moods” does not exactly prepare one for the great washes of sound which comprise their self-titled album. there is indeed something psychedelic about the music, which forms a sort of aural kaleidoscope, like a wind carrying ghostly snippets of sound (and, yes, female voices). perhaps it’s that ghostliness that the label had in mind when it described the music as “goth”. anyone expecting something along the lines of old bat cave sounds, though, would be sorely disappointed. the only reference point that came to mind was the legendary pink dots in their spacier moments. nothing i’d heard- and this was during a period where i was hearing a lot- had sounded like mauve sideshow. the album remained an isolated little gem for me”


2 thoughts on “Funny old band”

  1. I’ve been a huge fan of MS since I worked at Record Exchange/Sound Exchange Houston back in the 80s/90s, and just wanted to say thanks. After all these years I still listen to your records, and they still mystify and blow me away as much now as they did then…

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