So THAT happened.


I have not written in awhile because I have been in denial. Deeply swimming in, actually. I was diagnosed with MS in August and it has taken me a bit of time to be able to digest the information. I have come up with a new understanding of this disease and myself, and feel pretty confident going forward. I have learned a few interesting things.
1. Nothing anyone says is going to be “right.” Nearly everyone will say something annoying–Because I am overly sensitive. So best ignore it, I guess.
2. The whole idea of consistency is out the window! I am laughing at my younger self, ” I abhor consistency, “one should be careful what one wishes for. Idiot youth.
3. Life goes on. And it is god damn beautiful, and I still want a slice.



1 thought on “So THAT happened.”

  1. I love you B… I’m glad and thankful that we’ve become best friends along with being stuck as sisters. I miss you more then you can imagine.


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