Romantic Musings

Nick and I recently celebrated our 16 wedding anniversary and it reminded me of our first wedding anniversary. We were living on Vashon Island, Washington and at that time there was a derth of restaurants to choose from. we didn’t want to ride into Seattle on the ferry and had heard about this lady who cooked in her house and served you a yummy dinner. We found out her number and went to her home for our celebratory dinner. She had a little farmhouse right out ofThe Egg and I . We set down in her cozy kitchen and she brought out the dinner she had made us then retired into the living room to give us some privacy. It was an odd but pleasant evening. Somehow making us feel a combination we were visiting a foreign land and had traveled back into the American past. It was homelike and foreign at the same time.
Anyway, it was a lovely night. Astrid was concieved that weekend so I attribute the meal with a homestyle aphrodisiac essense. I am including the hot milk cake recipe she made us which may or may not get you knocked up.

Hot Milk Cake

2 x 8” round layers, 1 – 9” x 13” slab, or a dozen cupcakes.


11⁄2 c flour
11⁄2 t baking powder 1⁄2 t salt
3⁄4 c milk
11⁄2 T butter
3 eggs
11⁄2 c sugar
Zest of a lemon


In a medium sized bowl, whisk together the flour, baking powder and salt.
Combine the milk and butter, and heat until the butter has melted but the milk does not boil.

Using a stand mixer beat the eggs until very light, perhaps as long as 4 minutes.
Add the sugar very slowly, beating constantly.Continue beating for 3 more full minutes.

It should look foamy and rich.

Fold the dry ingredients into the egg & sugar mixture.
Next, fold in the milk and butter. The milk should be warm , don’t let it cool too much. Finally, fold in the zest.

Bake in prepared pan(s) or in paper-­‐lined muffin tins.
Bake 8” pans for 30 minutes, 9” x 13” for 35 minutes at 350°, and cupcakes will take less time, test at 25 minutes.
Let rest in the pans for 10 minutes, before removing to a rack to cool


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