Mi Vida


Snapshot moment. Saturday at 6 pm. Astrid is singing into my amp with her friends, pop karaoke with my punk rock weaponry. I look across the scorched lot next door thinking of the boys who mistakenly set it afire earlier today and wonder if the run in with the cops was a pivotal moment in their lives, something to remember or not. As I glance down, I think about my friend whom I have recently come back into contact, “He might like this glimpse of my odd life, I’ll take a photo and send it to him in Gloucester. ”
As I look at the items in the photo, Astrid’s paintings, Nick’s surf boards, the bowl from which all seven cats share their daily meal, the “noodle” that causes the big dog to bark madly–so much so it must be hidden from her–and I think of myself.
I think of the pivotal points in my life. I think about how much has changed since I was the age of those neighbor boys, since I heedlessly ran around with my Gloucester friend.
Poignant and distant. Sunsets and sunrises. Rivers and laughing and indecision and future.

To catch this moment…. every moment…any moment.


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