Jack Fruit thoughts


   Someone once said that a life unexamined is not a life lived, Aristotle I think.  Someone also said a life without spectators wasn’t worth living —

I think that was Madonna. Now in some ways I actually think this to be true, at least for some odd things.

Absolutely true, there are  important things like teaching and parenting—those are the sorts of jobs you get no “hurrays”. The sorts of jobs that no one actually recognizes. They could do with a few spectators. And there is the non- existent work..

You know, like a bad paint job that one only notices if there are mistakes or “vacations.” They just only exist as a mistake.

 Luckily there are other things less important or doomed that ARE better with an audience. Therefore we have blogging. Cutting this yaka today is one of these minor things that IF I feel someone is in some way interested the insane tedium will possibly be worth the effort. So I’m going to share my pictures with you.

This Jack- tropical fruit has only two reactions– love it or hate it. Juicy-fruit. What’s interesting though is how incredibly difficult it is to get the fruity bits out of it. It releases a gummy paste that attacks everything I think this could be very  definition of a  thankless job.

How good this this fruit will taste is not going to ever equal the madness of removing it from it’s spiny shell.

And still I do it.Image


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