Looking for meaning where ever it shall fall

It is an interesting thing, playing cards found on the path.
Last year throughout S.E. Asia I would come across playing cards lying on the roads. Many. Daily. Sometimes five times a day in different places. Nick and I would tell each other which cards we had seen on our runs, ” oh, you mean past the 4 of spades?” or ” I saw two Aces today, how many did you see?”

We don’t see as many here at home in Mexico. I don’t really know why.

But today I did. A 5 of Clubs.

And today I have spent the day mostly alone, thinking.
So in that state everything seems to be imbuded with meaning. (Do you ever have those days? Anomie Days? Human condition days? ) These days don’t happen as much as when I was younger. Now the days whip past me and I try and grasp a moment and notice….

So the Tarot meaning of my card?

“Spirituality: It’s difficult to grow spiritually if you are running around like a chicken with your head cut off. Take time to rest, to do nothing. Create space for yourself to be quiet and hear the music of the spheres. Life is not all about competition. Everyone needs room sometimes to just be. Give yourself this gift of time and space, and you should see and feel spiritual growth in response.”

Interesting. Perhaps I will make a habit of searching for meaning in roadside rubbish.

(A moment in time)


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