Run Notes

There is a half marathon out there and for some reason I feel I should be training to run it. The marathon is in November in Marina Vallarta– November 17. That gives me about 10 weeks. So I’m trying to wake up soon as the sun comes out and run around Sayulita. A half marathon is about 13 miles. So that means sometimes I have to backtrack and run the same route again. I hate running through town, looking like a complete loon. Because I have to keep singing, loudly. If I stop singing I slow down– and it has to be curse- filled punk music, because, well– is there any other kind of music, really?

There are a few areas around town that have signs up, or chains across the entrance. I think they don’t want anyone through here. But you have to do what you have to do. The craziest thing is how hot it is in the mornings. By the second half of the run I am gasping and breathing the hot damp jelly-air. Hot rotting Nanci jelly.

So when I run past you early some weekend morning, singing loudly and cursing –I’m not really mad at you. I’ll stop around November 17. Just give me 10 weeks.Image


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