Home again home again, hippity- hop

Back in the plaza

So lots of people have asked me if i am experiencing culture shock. I usually smile vaguely, and say something about how nice it is wherevever I happen to be at the time of the asking. But yesterday, as i found myself crying in the shower, i think i realized what might be hinted at with “culture shock”. It is not so much the culture at large, but the micro culture of home. Or the idea of home. So many conversations, attitudes, assumptions, and experiences have occured while i was traveling. Trying to piece together the current perspective on something –or someone–with my 8 month old perspective is daunting. My perception of how things are is really how things were.
It is taking some getting used to…


1 thought on “Home again home again, hippity- hop”

  1. I really loved seeing you and was even teary driving away from lunch with you. I really appreciate you making time for me…I will be there. Love you lots!! Miss you tons.

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