Orangutan in Semengoh, Borneo

These beautiful relatives of ours were free roaming in the park. We felt so lucky to be able to be in their presence. They only let in the humans for two hours a day. Which was great as those two hours were filled with loud talk about where they would go next, KL? Sabah? Awesome. You ass holes are American. Super.

It made me think more of apes and less of Homo Sapien Sapien.We tried to be focused on the positive blessings of being near these relatives, it was unfortunately frustrating and disappointing because of our species’ self importance.
The beauty of Borneo is in the magnificence of the terrain and unique creatures that have lived here for so long. Humans with our oil and strip malls, not to forget palm plantations, are destroying this place as you watch.
Zero population growth, minimizing our carbon footprint, vegetarianism– what is wrong with us? Why can’t we get over our selfishness?
Rant over. Lets go shopping.

I am grooming (nit picking? hehe) Astrid to be in the Army of the 12 Monkeys.


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