Leaving Miri

So this town is not a cup of tea for me. I doubt anyone would be stoked on a draught on this, really.
It reminds me of Fairbanks Alaska mid eighties, and the seamier side of Hawaii mixed together and a hot cup of mess.
We went for a walk after dinner and attempted a stroll to the beachfront. The path to the park had 26inch metal man covers every three meters or so. Or it should have. I think the covers were nicked for scrap. Which leaves a kid size open hole –dropping down 10 feet into a enclosed waterfilled viaduct. The things of nightmares.
Also, public displays of affection? Canning. Yeah, go get canned.
Heading out to Mulu tomorrow and then on the Kuching and Bako.
If this is Borneo civilization, give me the jungle heathen anytime.


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