Morning glory/ Ipomoea aquatica


Ipomoea aquatica or Morning Glory

Pennywort used for rau ma

We daily pass by a beautiful verdant field on our way into the old area of Hoi An. This field was beinging sown in January and is being picked now. Yesterday we saw a woman walk into the field and begin to snip bunches of this mystery plant. She then bundled them and laid them in stacks on her two wicker trays attached to a pole, which she slung across her shoulders.
Nick and I would guess at the plant, thinking it was possibly the origin of our favorite drink, rau ma.

Well, today is the day I figured out what is in the field. Ipomoea aquatica or morning glory also known as water convuvolvus. It is a noxious weed in the US, but a very tasty fried veg here in Asia.
We have been eating it nearly daily, just in a different meal, Fried Morning Glory with garlic.



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