Mekong delta

So we made it across the border from the sleepy towns of Kep and Kampot to The Mekong Delta. It was an adventure day. We are interspersing “school days” with “adventure days” now as Astrid is in Finals. We had to bug out of Kep after the nutty hotel in the tree tops gave away our room and we needed to get two rooms. God forbid you ask them to make the price the same, you just pay more and roll with it. Positive side, the houses were higher up in the tree.

The power went out the entire day we were there so the ac on the first ( given away )room wouldn’t have been so awesome anyway.
Positive side, it was an “adventure day” and we nearly killed Astrid with hiking the nearby park for 4 hours in the sunny, middle of the day. Always fun to torture a teen.
We then decided we should head over to the next town, Kampot as
1. “School day” will be impossible with no power and
2. There are no atms and the price of the room doubling means we can’t pay.

So we cheerily went on our way, the folks at the treetop ran out to the tuk tuk and handed us fresh bananas and water, clearly wishing the pissed off hippies who were demanding the quick coffee service and air movement only a fan can provide, were leaving instead of the giggling Dea -Sherman nutballs.

We rolled into Kampot, hit an ATM and wedged ourselves into the last room at the Mea Culpa hotel. Heheh. Mea culpa. All day “School day.” Sun goes down and we come out. I bet the town was awesome, but we had some pizza and patted a black and white dog and that was that.

“Adventure day” This day was long. Woke up before 8. Ug.
After a huge bowl of fruit and museli, I mean huge–like a mixing bowl huge, we got back in the tuk-tuk and headed towards the border. On the way we stoped at a cave and crawled through holes and oohed and aahd.
We had lunch with Mr Moto our tuk tuk driver who had excellent english and had been a monk before having to leave to support his parents and family. Very thoughtful fellow and able to order vegetarian lunch , so high marks there… He took us to see a pepper plantation and some salt fields. Very interesting.
We hit the border at Ha Tein around 3pm, covered in red dust and not too shaken.
We paid to have our hands held by some guy who walks tourists from one side to the other and dropped us at a travel agent where we bought tickets to Can Tho. We were pretty willing rubes as we had not really thought this through.
5 pm we hop the bus, endure five more hours of hot bouncy and smoke filled travel and are dropped off on the side of the road in Can Tho.
Luckily Mr Sherman grabed the opportunity to “agoda” a hotel room for us while we had some iced coffee and we taxied ourselves to ac comfort.
Of course, as we checked into the holiday hotel at 11 pm, a very pushy
boat tour guide, mrs Ha, was there to give us the super hard sell on the floating market tour.
We got away, got to bed and now the teenager looks forward to “school day.”

Study hard adventure hard keep the wheels moving. Heheh.




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