Okay, getting homesick


Pretending to play house in a different home, city, country, hemisphere has had it’s fun for sure, but we are missing Mexico.
I love Phnom Penh and can finally spell it after a month, but it is time to head on. We leave for the coast and a town called Kep on Tuesday right after Astrid turns 13. Yeah. She is 13. And what the fuck, I might add.
Kep sounds great, it was a French beach town in the 1930s and then when the Khmer Rouge came, well… If you were French you left and if you were Khmer and had a second home…. You… Ah… You get the picture….
So there are many abandoned villas and many ( I hope less than P.P.) wandering spirits. This town is called the city of ghosts for a reason.
After that we have to rush over to the Vietnam border as our visas expire. After that who knows?

Here is a picture of Astrid being 6 months old and turning 12 last year.
Our celebration will be much smaller this year but we will rock it Dea-Sherman style, have no doubt. Look out karaoke bar, we are getting wicked tomorrow.



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