thai islands

we have done a lot of travel in a short time. Amen and Denise met up with Steve and Heather and us and we went all over southern Thailand. We went to Krabi, Koron,three of the Ko Phi Phi Islands, Bamboo Island, Mosquito Island, the place they filmed the beach (?) and Ton Sai and Bkk. It was a whirlwind. we are back in Cambodia and looking for a health club. I mean, “whoa. Is that really my belly?”


1 thought on “thai islands”

  1. I know I sound like such an old lady, and if Astrid is reading, she will most certainly be rolling her almost-13-year-old eyes…but, does Astrid realize how great her life is and how great it will be to have had an upbringing like her’s and this current travel she is doing??? I know – of course she can’t understand it completely. In about 10-15, certainly 20, years she will.

    I can’t say enough about what you are doing for your life, your daughter, and your family. All of us could be so lucky!! It’s not luck – you guys made a plan and went for it.

    Love ya. Take care.

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