We’ll have time for coffee flavored kisses….

Hanoi Vietnam
It was a much less enjoyable trip from Dan Nang to Hanoi than it had been from Saigon. It is Tet, the new year, which means everyone goes to visit their families. The train was packed and it was late when we boarded. The train apparently doesn’t get cleaned between Saigon and Hanoi, so jumping on in the middle of the trip means a recently vacated sleeper bunk that is filled with trash. It was perhaps the most difficult time so far of our trip as some of us are a bit germ-a-phobic. Thank god for Rescue Remedy and punk rock on the iphone. Things looked up when we got off the train of stink and got to our upgraded hotel room. Hanoi is huge and gives Saigon a run for the craziest city we’ve tried to walk/drive/find anything within. We really zipped in and out and have to spend more time there later in our trip. It was really cold and we were ill prepared to walk around so April we hope to be up that way again.
Our new plan is to spend a month with Steve and Heather, doing whatever they want– Bali and Thailand I think (but we’ll see when they get in at 2 am tonight/tomorrow what the next month plan looks like.) But after that do a coastline tour of Cambodia and Vietnam for the remainder of our time here. About 10 weeks. Unless we change our minds again. So much to see….


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