New Year’s Eve in Saigon

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We took a bus from Phnom Penh to Saigon for New Years. It was great, some people from Seattle with their adopted Vietnamese child were in front of us and a chatty Chicago girl who lives in Japan was next to Nick. Saigon is decked out for the holidays. More lights than New York City and filled with people enjoying themselves. Across the street from our hotel is a festival of food and a New Years party for thousands. We ate and ate, then came back for more in the evening. Bahn Xeo in Saigon is like a dream! Nick had Pho and we were all happy. We tried some Che with Durian and it was way too much for me. Smelly and stinky. Nick ate it up. I renew my two years ago New Years vow never to gag anything down. If I don’t like it, no matter how much it costs our how good for me it is, No thanks!


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