spa addict 2

So I have had a few excellent experiences in my search for the ultimate spa experience, and yes, a few less than favorable experiences. Luckily it is all in good fun and it isn’t as if I’m doing surgery or something insane. Can you imagine? A cosmetic surgery across the world trip? hahah. Now that would be crazy. he he! (cough)

okay, where was I?

Ubud? Now Ubud, Bali might just have the most spa treatment businesses per block than any city in the world. Certainly more than I have ever seen compacted in a small area. maybe 5 every block? So like heaven.

1. I saw a sign for eyelash dyeing right across from the Monkey Temple. “hey, ” I thought, “my eyelashes could use that, who doesn’t?” So Astrid and I went in and the nice lady taped up my eyes so the dye wouldn’t seep into them and proceeded to brush the dye on. All is going well and were all chatting nicely and Astrid goes off the use the bathroom. By the time she comes back all has degraded into a black ink flowing, contact lens flinging, gasping and clawing at my eyes mess while the poor aesthetician tries to wipe the offending dye out of my right eye. Eyes red, lashes black. I call it a success.

2. Cream Hair Bath. Awesome. Straight hair lasts a week.

3. Indonesian massage. Possibly best massage ever. wierd thing, the tweaking of the top of head and fingers almost hurts. wakes a person up though.

4. Singapore. Well, I really should have been paying more attention I guess. We are walking in a night market and I see a kiosk with lab coated ladies and acupuncture pictures of wrinkle removal. ( I’ve done that, maybe it helped?) I THOUGHT I was getting eyebrow threading but it was shaving. haha. yeah not funny at all. So I am trapped in a chair with a couple of women hovering over me talking very fast telling me how much better I will look now while I hear another lady has trapped Nick in a chair telling him his freckles need to be removed. It gets to the point where Astrid is shouting, “I have freckles and I am beautiful!” Chaos. fucking chaos. And my eyebrows are being shaved off by a straight razor. SO yeah. THAT happened.

5. Miss any treatment in Malaysia. PTSD. Astrid does my nails in a hotel room.

6. We do some huge pedicure feet fish as a family here in Cambodia. They are much larger than the ones in Indonesia. I begin to believe they are a species of Piranah. Nick giggles. Cambodia rocks.

7. I ‘m very curious about the Khmer style massage and get a 5 min. demo. It is very much like Thai massage but with more leverage. I hate Thai massage so I opt for the 90 min warm oil massage. awesomeness ensues. It is unusual in that the young lady climbs on the table with me and hovers on her knees over my bum. She applies her entire body weight (maybe 80 LBs) to my hips. It reminded me of being labor and my doula holding my hips. Anyway, at the end I set up crossed legged on the table like in Indo and I get this intense accupressure for 20 min. After a cup of ginger tea I feel excellent. Great after biking to the temples!

8. Reflexology massage. Astrid and I go in for an hour of reflexology. Pretty much what I expected until the tiny girl starts climbing up my legs and rested her body weight on my hips! hello. A little awkward, but as Astrid was sitting next to me trying to pretend it wasn’t happening while playing a game on her iPhone — with a woman the size of Kari an inch from her face pressing on her hips! It made me just laugh. Always funny when someone else is discomforted too.


SO spa addict moves on to Vietnam. Updates soon….



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