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Ubud’s monkey forest
So we went walking in the monkey road this morning. It was early morning and there were few people about. We bought a bunch of bananas at the road entrance and made it about 10 feet before a monkey tried to steal my purse. I screamed of course because I’m a screamer… You know like some people are “huggers” or ” talkers”…

Which drew the attention of a local fellow who showed us how to feed them and to move further into the forest where the families were less aggressive. The monkey families at the entrance are sorta Like Sam Merlotte ‘s family in True Blood. But they are monkeys not Shape-shifting cat-humans. I mean, maybe these families could very well be human-monkey shape shifters, but my point is that they are alike in personality to this family in True Blood. If you haven’t watched True Blood you should. At the very least you’ll be able to follow along the meme.

Which you may or may not want to do.You know, up to you.

So I had a monkey on my back. ……..Literally.                            Hehe.


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