Spa addict

So I haven’t been getting any exercise at all here in Seminyak. We went to a waterpark for a day, and I went on my first ride in years. Once. One ride. Then I had to lay down for awhile. Luckily there was a spa. I had some little fish nibble the skin off my feet for awhile. Wierd. Possibly the wierdest of all treatments I have ever done spa wise. I think I will run down the spa activites I have received here so far…
Spa addict
1 Jakarta. First Indo style massage. In was in our hotel room with Nick getting one at the same time. I thought they ‘d bring up a table but it was on the bed. I realized this was because they use thier whole body wieght and need the leverage. Hardest massage of my life. There were moments where I reminded my self we have travel insurance so if I had something broken I would be able to see a dr.
2 Balian. Same style massage, I realized the setting up criss cross apple sauce style was the norm. The massage lady didn’t smash my face into the bed and my knees this time, so I didn’t get that insane stretch at the hip flexors. Much more enjoyable.
3. Semenyak (kuta) I went in for the conditioning massage hair treatment, pedi, facial, massage and waxing saga. wonderful. Wax was too hot. Slight burn marks. I thought of Laura shaking her head at me and asking if I had thought that waxing-bit through as it burned my face. Yeah. No. Guess i will never learn.
4. Kuta. Fish eat dead skin on my feet. Astrid did it too. It was wierd. I don’t think it softened my feet any, it was just unusual so
5. same salon Semenyak. I had to get that ” creambath” again for my hair. This time it was avacado and oil steamed and forcefully mashed into my hair. With a blow out. 6 usd. Oh yeah.
………….So far so good.


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