Medewi –Brown Sugar surf camp

I am able to sleep through the neighboring blue mosque’s singing chanting prayers at 4am and 6am so it is time to move on…. we are planning on coming back here in a week though. Nick is very happy with this place and has chosen to return here for his week. We catch a ride back to Kuta today to start off Astrid’s week. Hair braiding, water-park, and stores. It should be a change but hopefully we will all like it. She played with a little girl for a few hours yesterday, the daughter of the manager I think she will want to return.

It is not too different from home, the water goes out –the power goes out, but kids and kittens trump those difficulties every time. The sound of the waves is loud and the boogie board rentals are cheap. The rooms are palapas with a bathroom.
I’m going to try and go on a juice fast when I return here. Those boxes and boxes of fluffy frosted USA cookies have settled and my waist tattoo has doubled a font size.


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