So we headed up the road to Medewi and the Brown Sugar Surf Camp. Pretty awesome. It i a bit more rustic than the last place but more our vibe. There is a kitten that attacks us and followed me back to our room ( Astrid sternly told me she didn’t want it in bed with us) and a 12-year-old baby. Actually people is the key. The yoga retreat was empty and Nick and Astrid kept whispering. It was very beautiful and quiet. It is nice to have people around laughing and watching a movie together last night. It was very chummy and I had a tempeh burger and milk shake for dinner. Other pluses, a bed on the beach, Nick is on his second session of the day, non stop food, wi-fi in rooms…. on the negative side only cold water and the room with the bed is too small for a sun solution. Eh. We dig it. Next Saturday we head into Kuta, which makes people make a face when ever we say it– I guess it is like Jersey? But the water park, rap stores and hair braiding is calling Astrid. So we try that out for a few days. She is such a trooper. I’m proud of her maturity in the face of difficulty.


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