We finally woke up. I compared the 20 hour plan ride, the 12 hour lay over, the 5 hour plane ride to giving birth. Without the contractions. Just mind numbing consistent discomfort interspersed with moments where you implore yourself to maintain, to hold it together, to not start shouting, as it only will make it worse and it can’t be stopped anyway… Get me the hell off this ride, sort of thing.
It was the 15th then it was the 20th. So we woke up today.

We are mostly feeling good. The hotel is beautiful, we are in the Kundalini red dragon room. Sexy name, lots of sleep.
It has very detailed mosaics everywhere. Different colored stone, cut tile and broken tile. Nearly every surface is mosaics. It is nice.

The break sucks, poor Nick. But the food is really yummy, and the restaurant is vegetarian. We are thinking about heading to the next town over called Medewi. Maybe tomorrow, or the next day. Right now we are just relaxing, getting our heads around being here.


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