We are in Charlottesville, VA for Halloween this year. We’ve had a great time. Astrid has a cousin Jordan, who is just a year older than she. We three went trick or treating and got 14 lbs of candy between the two kids! It was a cold clear night and we tramped around a neighborhood Jordan likes for 7:30 to 9 pm. We were chastised for our lateness three times in a row by the givers of candy and then called it a night. They all had Australian accents so we decided they were possibly still suffering from time difference. So, on the way out of the houses went to one more house, where the lady was so thrilled to see us — having not had a single trick or treater all night, she dumped the entire bowl into the kid’s bags!
We went home and picked out a couple of pounds to send to Astrid’s Missouri cousins. I recalled a time in my youth when the food bank distributed donuts in the bag I received, and the joy it brought me, while telling Astrid cheerful bedtime stories. She decided to donate the remainder of the candy to the food bank. We brought them into town yesterday, They were pretty stoked.


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