Washington DC thoughts

We went to Washington D.C. this weekend. I was very excited to go having never been before. We went to visit Nick’s family in Annapolis and were able to spend two hours at the sights of DC. Sassa and Nick went to the air and space museum and had a great time.
I split off from the group and chose a fantastic art museum that was showing an Andy Warhol 82 canvas piece that had not been shown before, due to the space constraints of such a large piece. It was dizzying to be able to see one of my favorite artist’s works. Then I stumbled into the floor that had a visual buffet of artist works. Picasso, Giacometti, Calder, I became overwhelmed and had to step outside.
I then realized another desire, running around the Washington Monument! Sure, I looked a complete loon, running in UGGs and jeans with all the Niked Ipoded runners but it was so Tom Clancy! I had such a great time I ran all the way down to the Lincoln Memorial. I’ve always wanted to see the statue of Lincoln. It is such an icon, so often a setting for espionage in the films. I had to share it with about 100 other people so no one tried to sell me any state secrets. So I began to run back to the air and space museum to meet up with the family. I stopped briefly at the WW2 memorial but didn’t want to make them wait on me so I UGGed it out of there and met them on the steps of the museum.
We saw the OCCUPY DC site on our way, it looked very tidy and empty. It had snowed the day before so I bet everyone was shivering in their tents. I love the fact that these folks have the dedication to their beliefs to endure all this discomfort. I wish I did as I hold many of the same beliefs. I have never worked well with others, and the idea of a large group activity makes my head hurt just thinking about it. We left the US of A and moved to another country because of the same things these dedicated people are protesting. I sadly am too cynical to try to change anyone’s opinion and would rather leave them to stew in their mess and get the hell out.

Selfish. Absolutely.
Completely happy with my life? A resounding yes.


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