run notes

Okay, you know what? The air is cold here. When you run, the air isn’t like breathing sweet hot jam while it is being poured into jelly jars. It is like this frozen slurrpy somehow hitting your nasal passages. “wait! am I drinking backwards? Did someone tell a joke?” but more dry, like biting a quince, the sponge of the fruit world. A backwards dry slurrpy in my respiratory system. So, as you would see running has gotten confusing for me. I did however find a tarantula on the road yesterday. The poor thing, shouldn’t it be in the jungle running like me, rather than the Ozarks? I gave it some cookie frosting and it seemed happier. I know these cookies are pretty much flying down my throat. I tell myself it is carbo loading but I haven’t had these frosted wonders in many years and am making up for it now. I love flan, don’t ever think I am not a flan obsessed person, I just think maybe the baked goods up here are a wee bit more flavor full. Damn. Now I need some flan.


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