Usa a-okay

That was some craziness at the airport. All the best laid plans did really go to hell because of 3 degrees in the temperature. We were all set to go until we were told we’d have to wait until it was 85 degrees or less.

Okay, when is the next night flight out?

Oh, there are only two flights a day? at 1pm and 4pm?

hmmmmm. so that is January?

We ran all around PV and Pittital and threw money at in cabin pet carriers and taxis and bought new tickets. 1,000 usd later, we are running for the 4pm flight. It was an excellent flight, the air attendants merely pursed her lips and turned away at the dogs on our laps. After making our connection, renting a car and staying in a fantastic pet friendly hotel we are here.

Crisp autumn leaves and 6 tiny doggies, two babies and we are ready to settle in to our Ozark time. Yay!


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