Trying to get out of here…

So I feel like there was a meeting of mammals, and I wasn’t invited. All the critters are in collusion to hamper the great and noble efforts I am making to ease our way into a nomadic lifestyle. They all have bordetella. Which if you are lucky enough to experience with your pets, makes them cough until they barf. Awesomeness. Then Matzah goes and licks a frog. Like a rebellious teen, she turns to badly explained hallucinogens to prove something. Her trip was to the emergency room. (but, I mean, we’ve all been there, right?) This morning I have woke to a nose on the bed. A long, whiskered, white furry nose. Not attached to anything. Seriously? Where is the rest of this? I asked all six cats and they stuck their asses in my face and acted aloof. Navi, I swear to god, is on drugs and I don’t know if she even heard me. It is like total anarchy here, and I need to pack.

Matzah getting rehydrated with an I.V. Bad trip.

So all in all, going as expected. One week to go.


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