The count-down has begun

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We have 14 more days until the commencement of our vacation. It is seeming more real now and I am actually getting excited. Just a bit, not the fake excitement I wear when someone asks me about my trip cus you know they just want you to be excited. And gush a little.
I’ve put my food of usa states project on hold, it got too expensive finding all those imported ( duh) ingredients what with the house registering her disapproval by falling apart. But we have a bunch of new house guts, like a water pump, and water heater…
So instead of the foods of usa, I’m focusing on what I will miss about home and getting a lot of it. Which will inevitability cause weight gain. I will miss some people very much and not miss others at all. I will miss all my choices and my ability to comunicate easily and understand what is happening around me. But all in all, pretty much getting excited.


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