But blogging about my food is totally normal, right?

So now I’ve thought myself into a corner about what is and what isn’t friendship, narcissism and dependence upon electronic media for self-congratulation.
So, in the spirit of a self obsessed blog, I will just revert to my dear diary style of self-absorption and chronicle away!

We found an Asian food store in the big city of Puerto Vallarta today. We are nearly to the home school lesson that needs agar-agar for some sort of experiment with growing cultures project. No surprise here, but agar agar is rather
difficult to find in rural Mexico. So after asking around a bit we hear of the place that supplies the ever-growing number of Asian food eateries here. And it was great, tons of things we wanted. The only difficulty was keeping Astrid from buying everything. I appealed to her thrifty side and explained in Asia we’d be able to get these items very cheaply. That and a box of chocolate Pocky consoled her into not spending every dime on bubble tea.

It got me to thinking, however. What food stuffs are we going to get homesick for and find difficult to procure? I’m speculating that hand-made masa tortillas and flan might be something I’ll need to make on my own. So, guess what’s for dinner! Hopefully I’ll take pictures and post lots to make you all drool. Or possibly I will not be able to find that doo-dad that hooks the camera to the computer…. ahhh, tomorrow with its promises.

(enter dancing middle-aged women with cake pans held high)
“Well, how come you only want tomorrow,
With its promise of something hard to do
A real life adventure worth more than pieces of gold
Blue skies above,
sun on your arms,
strength in your stride
And hope in those squeaky clean eyes”


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