I think I’m going to leave Facebook

Sometimes it seems like an unhealthy addiction, doesn’t it? “I have nothing to do I wonder what everyone else is doing…”
how productive can that possibly be? It is like reading a cookbook when you are hungry, then having a bowl of cereal. Just sorta not hitting the mark. And it leaves me with a sick hollow feeling in my stomach as well…
The good thing with Facebook is you can easily contact people, none of this pesky email address business. Someone said something the other day, some thing about linking their website through facebook working better because
you’d never need to leave the site. And of course that is what the facebook is becoming. What we never need to do…
A virtual stroll down the mall, a chat with your friends on the corner. What the fuck.
I’m wondering, if reading someone’s blog is too much work– calling is either very difficult, or too much of a bother, writing letters is not done (and in my case not an option with no postal service) what are we left with?
What am I left with? I can’t tell if I am simply over run with friends or have very very few. I am wondering what the operative definition for friends is anymore.


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