Pre trip update

We have been starting our trip planning in earnest now that I am only obligated to homeschooling– which is another post altogether– and have more free time. We have found our backpacks and had two of them shipped to our first stop, Mom’s house in the Ozarks. I chose an ultra light with zero bells and whistles and Nick chose the arteryx brand with the most bells possible. It does have an attached whistle, of course. Astrid has a size appropriate pack of 32 liters and is the mid range in the bells department.

We are looking forward to our time in the Ozarks being filled with family, outlet malls and hikes. The ozark trailblazers are hosting a hiking rendevous while we are there in nearby Jasper, Arkansas which should be excellent.

There is also a 15k run through Dogwood Canyon which is the last day we there, I’m trying to train in this heat which is a bit of a joke, really. Then we head to the Shenandoah area to see Nick’s family for a bit.


1 thought on “Pre trip update”

  1. Treva – I miss you guys so much. It hard to read you’ll be in the U.S. and still no get to see you!

    Good luck on your massive adventures. Travel safe and come home enlightened!

    Heart you. Kirsten

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