this weekend

This last weekend was pretty spectacular. Friday was the last day of school and I wrapped up the art department and tied it in a bow for the next teacher. I feel proud of myself for accomplishing the development of such an excellent program. It all worked out well and now I think it can continue on without me. I feel like I was a positive force on some children and opened their eyes to a few things. That is all we can hope for in this life. I know Costa Verde is a better school for my art literacy program. It is a pretty stellar gift and I pat myself on the back. I am thrilled to pass it on and to relinquish all control however. I love the thrill of the unknown! What is next for me? Yippee!

I got a new tattoo to mark the beginning of this era, a waxing moon in the style of Galileo’s sketches. I drew it myself though and it looks ike ball point pen drawing on my ankle. I love it. Astrid also stayed the night Friday with her friend Jensen for her birthday. First successful sleepover.

Then on Saturday we had our last show for awhile at Don Pato’s Bar here in town. It thundered and lightening and we broke equipment and our amps over heated but it was a blast.


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