No, I was not listening to Milli Vanilli in the 1980s

I went to an 80s party this weekend and had a conversation that started me thinking.
1. People don’t change– they just change clothes, or not.
2. It feels a bit uncomfortable to parody an era you once so self consciously lived.

These thoughts, and the conversation at the end of my evening caused me to do a vanity search for the band I was with in the 1980s, to make sure I really was there and the 80s weren’t a cartoon colored TV show I thought I’d lived.
It was quite nice to see this had been posted in Spain 4 days ago in the guide to ambient music. It made me feel as if Mauve Sideshow had helped define a genre, so to speak.
Do I feel real again, less of a caricature? Not sure yet. It is still in the aether…

“NeoClassical Ambient:
Take ‘Fauni-Gena’ of Atem Tangerine Dream, or the atmospheric moments of Edgar Froese and his ‘Epsilon In Malaysian Pale’, and imagine how it would sound as an expansion of these ideas under the formula of Dark Ambient. Dark and sad topics, very immersive and sometimes somewhat abstract. It sometimes incorporates the use of female vocals in a hypnotic way. Another type of Neoclassical Ambient is one which uses samples of orchestras instead of a Mellotron, creating an exuberant but dark sound influenced by modern classical musicians such as Bartok, Shostakovich, etc. This style has a lot to do with Martial Ambient and Neofolk.
Example of this style; Mauve Sideshow
—Scanner Acústico


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