Is blogging a two way street?

You know, our bridge was reopened this week. There was such a lot of hoo ha about it crashing into the river and en one day it is just open. 9 months of driving around the only bridge in town being impassable and one day, oh. You can drive over it. I need some hoop la.
Which makes me think of the lack to two-way street blogging. I write a blog,( well obviously — I had to put the well obviously in so you don’t question my sanity) and I’ve done so for years now. It is very egotistical and satisfying.

But I don’t read blogs much at all. I have friends that read dozens, they have a relationship with the people they’ve never met. Not in the creepy “I’m in a long-term online relationship” kind of thing but they comment and query and such. Which I think is very cool.
Except I do read, It is very inspiring, and makes “living with a 12-year-old in mexico and soon to be traveling again” seem within the realm of normalcy. I hope my blog become a bit like that blog in the next few months…. blog envy…


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