Spring Break Anarchy and Love

It has been a great Staycation. Which looks a lot like Satyricon but with out the gladiators and sexy stuff.  I did a lot of sleeping and running and eating and reading. All my very favorite things.

So Nick and Astrid and I wanted to do the quintessential spring break activity— seeing a matinée movie! We loaded up on carbs at the only buffet we know of and headed on down to the theater. The new “The Rock”  movie is out and we lined up ready to see it.

“Two adults and a kid, please!”

“aah, Nope. She is under 18”. ( This is all in spanish)

“yes, obviously. Kid price.”

“no, she can’t go in.”

“ahhh, we’re her parents.?. and we say it is okay..??”


call the manager.

nope and “you can start a fight but it won’t do any good!!! nener naner!

So we go home and buy it illegally on the street. From the vender who has a shop and longer hours than the theater.

Not sure what the lesson is but I guess the USA isn’t the only place the government thinks it knows what is best for me and mine.

Mexico! Get your laws off my body!


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