A new challenge

So if you’ve ever met me, and even if you haven’t–you know of my love for eating out.

I count the best job of my life to be so only because of its proximity to many restaurants. Pike place market in Seattle was the perfect place to be pregnant and lazy. Four meals a day, anything I wanted… mini doughnuts, tofu corn dogs, french restaurants, southern restaurants, veggie burgers…. I missed many meetings by accidentally being in a slow food restaurant.

Anyway, fast forward to Mexico. The food is inexpensive, delicious and I am again lazy. I have been eating out at lunch and dinner for weeks now as friends visit and I have an excuse to show them the town (and it’s restaurants and food carts)

So on Friday I start my month of eating in.

I’m quite leery about the positive outcome, but lets see what comes out of the attempt!


1 thought on “A new challenge”

  1. If you are going to start cooking daily, or eating out, I’d like to come again, but don’t wait for me , just wishing.

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