hole-y shit river batman

This is the “river road”

So, I’m driving to work yesterday through the river bed, which isn’t as weird as it sounds. In the dry season it is usually completely dry and functions as a road. Now it is a little trickle of water )from god knows where as it hasn’t rained in 5 months ) flowing along the high and mostly dry riverbed. So all good. I go to school teach some art yada yada –on my way home I follow the same path as before, the sun is high in the sky and I’m thinking about the walk along the beach we’re about to embark upon and -sloo00osh. I’m setting in waist deep water in my golf kart. I’m clutching the steering wheel, soaked through to the skin and no longer moving but sinking deeper into sand. Someone had dug a great big golf kart sized hole in the river road and it was obscured by the trickling water. Surprise! Today there was a whole truck stuck in the hole!


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